We miss David Bowie already. He was a one off, a special man for a special time. We can still enjoy his tunes, though, and do. We also reckon a good beer is one of life’s pleasures. We want to bring some of that excitement and joy to what we do at Castlemaine Brewing - small, passionate and handcrafted - great flavours, satisfying and distinctive. Located in Sunny Central Victoria in the goldrush boom town of Castlemaine we feel the deep connection to our region’s past, and love the vibrant creative community we live in now. Castlemaine is famous for two things: gold and beer. We thought it was about time to bring it home.


At Castlemaine Brewing Company our aim is to create a range of handcrafted beers that are distinctive, traditional and brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship.

You’re Very Welcome.


GOLD SPARKLING ALE is a Golden Ale style that has a beaut balance of Ale and Crystal malts and is hopped using Goldings and Pride of Ringwood for a bit of nostalgic Aussie bitterness and Willamette and Cascade for a more modern aroma driven style. Gold is crisp and fresh with earthy malt flavours, a soft mouth feel and a satisfying fruity finish as dry as summer is long.

A great session beer, equally at home at a backyard bbq, over your favourite bar or sharing a feed with family and friends.

ABV 4.8%

Available in 330ml bottle and 50lt keg.

Castlemaine Gold is our homage to the rough cut blokes and sheilas who got the rush and the fever dragging great hunks of glorious gold out of the creeks and gullies around sunny Central Victoria.


What’s the time Mister Wolfe?
My friends, it’s time for a Red.

CELTIC RED ALE is a traditionally brewed old world beer with a modern twist. Combining the roasted toffee and caramel flavours of an Irish Red with the bright fruity and herbal notes of new world Jarrylo hops and complemented by the piney, citrus flavour and aroma of Mosaic and Chinook hops.

Red Ale is a bold flavour bomb, big enough to take the spicy flavours of Asian and TexMex, it will also reward the adventurous, pairing wonderfully with Italian and French cuisine.’s really good with Pizza and Fries, too.

ABV 5.2%

Available in 330ml bottle and 50lt keg.

We made Red in honor of my Irish forebear Peter Wolfe
who arrived on the Mount Alexander goldfields at
Chewton in 1856.



CASTLEMAINE LAGER is our spin on the ‘ahhh, that hits the spot’ thirst quenching Pils. We didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, just look to what’s been good and follow tradition. Our Lager is an every day beer – when every day is mad good.

Packed full of Saaz, Riwaka and Motueka hops CASTLEMAINE LAGER is a classic Pilsner style with a herbal nose and light straw coloured body. It has a clean, smooth and refreshing finish with a hint of citrus and tropical fruit.

ABV 4.6%

Available in 330ml bottle and 50lt keg.

Our Pils is equally at home as a sophisticated partner for your favourite foods or as a genuine thirst quencher, ice cold from the esky.


CASTLEMAINE BLACK COFFEE LAGER takes the planet’s two favourite drinks and brings them together in a union of organic Arabica coffee and dark malted barleys with the spicy hit of American hops. The happy couple are smooth as velvet and bold as love. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

ABV 5.2%

Available in 50lt keg only.

We started as coffee roasters so it only seemed natural to bring together our two passions. Edmund from Coffee Basics roasted the single origin ethical Indian Tiger Mountain Beans and our brewer Brad infused them in this Austrian style black lager. Available NOW.



Armenian diplomat (read spy and arms dealer) Diodato, in the employ of the Austrian crown is granted the imperial privilege to serve the Turkish beverage ‘chava’. This turns out to be a flat white with two sugars. Disappointed, he has a frothy beer and a big idea.


P J Wolfe steps off the boat from Ireland in boomtown Melbourne, gets himself appointed Constable in the Victoria Police and heads for Chewton on the Mount Alexander goldfields. The beer is warm, sour and frequently undrinkable. He drinks it anyway and makes a bit of his own, on the sly, naturally.


Castlemaine Woollen Mill opens as the Fitzgerald Brothers move their brewery first to Melbourne then to Brisbane. There is wailing and gnashing and eventually spinning and weaving. The Woollen Mill burns down in 1886.


The Society of Melbourne Brewers establishes a cartel and creates what is affectionately known as that watery, tasteless shit. The people do not rejoice. The Society effectively ends any resistance from independent brewers by punishing hoteliers if they sell competitors products.
Jeez, that sounds vaguely familiar.


J M Wolfe joins the army believing there is no higher patriotic calling than defending your nation against marauding hordes descending upon the you beaut country from all over the joint. He quickly discovers his dreams of travelling the world, meeting sheilas and engaging in the odd angry shot to be the waking hell of marching endlessly through the desert and being bombed in Darwin. Jeff and his mates also discover that by judiciously pinching stuff from the stores they could brew up a pretty decent beer, more or less.


Jeff and his neighbour Bill blow up the shed filled with homebrew. The volatile culprit is believed to be a dodgy batch of ginger beer. The boys vow to steer clear of anything a bit iffy and stick with the traditional ales they’d been enjoying for many years. They get pretty good at making it and it’s universally appreciated by their mates as being free - and freely available.


The Woollen Mill burns down again. A bunch of refugees from the big smoke have been blowing into Castlemaine for the last twenty years or so and the smell of roasting coffee begins to waft invitingly through the valley. Some believe there is too much latte sipping going on and want a return to the ye good old days when tumble weeds blew through the charming yet largely forgotten streets of a town in terminal decline. Somehow we muddle through and the community thrives. Good people do good things.


A bunch of crazy galoots start a brewery. First off they ask a brewer in neighbouring Bendigo to knock out a supercharged traditional ale called Castlemaine Gold. Stone the flamin’ crows the good folk of Sunny Castlemaine drink it like it was theirs. And it is. Apparently we’re onto a good thing so reckon we decided we'd have a crack at building a brewery of our own at the old Woollen Mill site.


It's done! The brewery and adjoining Taproom opened in April. We're open Thursday to Sunday, offering ten brews on tap in pots and pints, or (best value alert) tasting paddles with your choice of any four for just a tenner.
We have a range of tasty snacks and platters, and 10" pizza for $12 from Tuesday to Sunday.
Drop in and say hi - we're in the old Woollen Mill site, to the right as you look at the main building, behind the awesome mural.